Positively impacting
peoples lives.

Futureproof is a Global User Experience, Product & Innovation Consultancy and we are fortunate to work with some of the worlds coolest brands, agencies and high growth tech start-ups.

Collectively we share a vision to promote and deliver diverse, innovative and high performing talent and as a result, allows our clients to deliver their business objectives.

We look to challenge and make a positive impact in every action we undertake and are consistently pushing for excellence in what we do. Futureproof believe in a proactive and strategic approach to our work and are challenging the status quo of what has previously been a reactive industry.

Customer experience is pivotal to our success and we create a bespoke service each time we undertake a new project that matches our client’s and candidate’s needs.

Meet the Team

Amy Magowan Director (User Experience & C-Level Researcher)

Amy is an integral part of Futureproof's success. She has been involved in some of our most complex search projects. She has the ability to identify and attract people with the exact skills and experience required for the brief but more importantly, she is able to assess if they are right culturally.

In addition to this, she lives and breathes our values. She is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wants to make a positive impact on the people we partner with.

Gill Whiteway Operations Manager

Gill is the backbone of the business. As Operations Manager, she is responsible for ensuring that the business runs like clockwork, allowing the team to fully focus on our clients and candidates requirements. If you have a question regarding invoices, compliance, ID, Visa Sponsorship or general information regarding our services, Gill is the person to speak to.

Rob Magowan Director (User Experience & C-Level Recruitment Specialist)

Rob has been lucky enough to partner with some of the worlds coolest brands, agencies and high growth tech start-ups both as a designer and a recruitment specialist. Rob’s energy, passion, and understanding of the digital sector really do set him apart from the competition.

Our Values



There is a lot of stigma around the recruitment sector and it is so important for us as a company that the individuals we employ are honest, whilst having a very strong moral compass.

We also believe that Integrity works both ways. It is so important that our clients and candidates share this value as we see everyone as a partner and not just a placement.



In an ever changing digital world, it is important to keep up to date with new technologies and Innovative products that keep challenging and shaping the world in which we live. Our knowledge is what sets up apart from our competitors.

Our consultants are able to speak your language and interpret your requirements like no other. We have design degrees, we have design industry experience and we have a very strong desire to help the people and the businesses we partner with. Don't take our word for it, let's arrange a call and you can determine for yourself.



We treat every client and every candidate with a great deal of respect. From a clients perspective, we respect your values and we will live and breath them whilst conducting a search. You can be sure that the people we present to your business will align perfectly. We also respect the information we are given and the data we hold so you can be sure that your brief or CV wont be shared without your consent.



Forming strong partnerships and long term relationships is key to our success. We don't want you to view Futureproof as a recruitment business, we want you to view us as an extension of your business or your career search.



As a business, we strive for excellence and aim to surpass ordinary standards. Since the business was established in June 2016, we have managed to successfully fill 95% of the jobs we were briefed on. The reason for this success rate is because we listen and genuinely care about your business or your career aspirations.



Innovation is the key to Futureproof's long term success. Technology is shaping the recruitment sector and the way we engage with candidates and clients is evolving. The process is becoming much more interactive, especially with the introduction of video technology. We as a business will continue to invest in tech solutions that will enable us to provide the best possible experience to our candidates and clients.

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